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Water Street Tampa

GeoPoint was selected as the primary provider of survey services for this project.

An elevated live/work/play urban neighborhood in downtown Tampa, Water Street Tampa is the result of thoughtful planning to create a 50-acre waterfront community comprised of retail, residential homes, office space, education and culture.

GeoPoint began work on the project in 2017 for developer Strategic Property Partners, LLC, providing land development and construction support services, including vertical control lines and building staking. As work continued, our involvement grew to include an array of services that utilized our forward-thinking survey technology to assist engineers by reviewing construction calculations to include scanning building components for anomalies and checking the plumbness of elevator shafts.

In 2019, while construction of a building on β€˜Block C’ was underway, GeoPoint was called in to solve a construction set-back. A sculpture-like structure was being built to help support an enclosed catwalk constructed between the hotel and a new building when it was discovered that a calculation had caused the height of the structure to come up short.

A crew from the Remote Sensing/LiDar division brought in their survey equipment to produce a 3D scan of the infrastructure and within a couple hours had identified where in the structure the calculations had started to become out of sync with the design plan, enabling the engineers and construction crews to know exactly where they needed to make corrections.

GeoPoint will continue to provide services on the Water Street Tampa development until it’s projected completion date in 2022.

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GeoPoint Surveying Scanned the structure with their VZ-2000i scanner. The survey was conducted to confirm column dimensions at a specified elevation to ensure structural integrity. A total of 17 scans were utilized to create this model and it took 2 days from scan day to final deliverable. The ability to safely and accurately do this job was one of the major benefits to using Terrestrial LiDAR data in a high construction zone.