The GeoPoint Distinction

The origin of GeoPoint Surveying, Inc. can be traced back to as early as 1943, and with nearly 70 years of perfecting production and quality standards, our company is at the forefront of the profession. GeoPoint houses over 100 years of Florida survey records, giving us insight into Florida’s story of growth and development, and a clear understanding of its direction in evolution.

Our commitment to client service is paramount. Regardless of the level of complexity of each project, we meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our dedication to provide the best surveying and mapping services is evident in the overwhelming number of return clients that rely on us to carry on past projects and complete new projects.

At the foundation of our company’s values is our strong dedication to provide quality professional services. We are attentive to each and every project requirement. Our survey procedures and review standards are proven to ensure quality from project onset to completion.

Safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment in the office as well as the field. Through training, each GeoPoint employee has a fundamental understanding of safety requirements. They have been well trained to recognize possible safety hazards and how to prevent potential injuries. GeoPoint's business practice is firmly wrapped around the goal of achieving a Zero Incident work environment.

Global Surveying and Mapping

As energy demands globally evolve, GeoPoint Surveying, Inc. is positioning itself to provide innovative surveying and mapping services internationally to complete pipeline and energy related projects. We have recently completed the first phase of surveying & mapping for the construction of a new pipeline in the Bahamas and are currently working with foreign corporations to complete present jobs and align for future projects.

Surveying and Mapping Services

Our skilled team of professional surveyors and mappers is experienced to provide a full-range of surveying and mapping services with integrity and quality at the heart of each project. We maintain the latest, most advanced field equipment and software programs, operated by a staff that is continually trained as survey technology advances.